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Learning Lab: Video Tips

September 24, 2021

I am very fortunate to have a son who is a film major.

I have a client who is in the process of developing two video-based courses, and we are having a really hard time finding a videographer. 

She is based out of Miami, and my son is in Atlanta, or I would have just asked him to do it. Since that’s not an option, we are attempting to have her record her own videos and have him edit them. 

She did one video and sent it over. She did a GREAT job. Her presence is perfect, but the format isn’t ideal for a few reasons. 

Riley watched the video and put together a pdf + video and the information is SO valuable that I wanted to share it here too. 

First, you can see the video she sent, for perspective on what he’s coaching. 

And then you can watch the video he made for her.