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Learning Lab: Posting a Blog Walkthrough

October 12, 2021
Step 1: Write a killer title.
Step 2: Write an equally killer blog.
Step 3: Head over to Canva and make 3 images, one to be the featured image, a resized version for Pinterest and another for Instagram
Step 4: Return to the post and add the featured image. Set a category. Check the yoast info and adjust as necessary.
Step 5: Hit publish.
Step 6: Grab the URL and use the FB Debug tool to make sure it’s pulling the right info.
Step 7: Go to your business page and create a post in Creator Studio (boost if you like). Post it.
Step 8: Go to wherever you have your list (I use FloDesk) and create an email to send out to your people (if this is something you generally do). Send it.
Step 9: Share it on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Step 10: Go do something for yourself for a bit, bc that was a lot.


Grab my blog featured image template for Canva.